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No Last Minute Surprises, Please: Ensuring a Smooth Sale

In the past year, as banks have recovered from their prior lax lending practices, last minute hurdles for loan approvals are getting more prevalent. The reason: Bank underwriters are under pressure to scrutinize applications as never before.  Our long-time good relations with loan officers are no longer enough.  A person you rarely meet, called an underwriter, can place last minute hurdles that can either be deal breakers or cause expensive concessions from the seller.

Spencer-Hughes Real Estate is acutely aware that there can be lurking unknowns that can cause last minute problems, such as  loan refusals, homeowner insurance problems and most importantly, buyer timidity.  Our defense is to bring in an experienced home inspector early on to perform a limited form of the final inspection a buyer’s representative might do.

Client Services: Your Best Defense

Early on is the time to let us pull together what you might be asked to do or at least answer to.  We will help you develop solutions and estimate costs on any repairs that look obvious, or questions that might be raised.  The expression “fore-warned is fore-armed” is applicable.  The week before closing is not the time to be blindsided by problems that could have been unearthed, researched and solved months before.

We have developed an affordable arrangement with one of the top licensed Home Inspectors in our area to do an early review to catch the obvious.   Our Client Services team will review the inspector's recommendations and make ours. 

This is one more example of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Spencer-Hughes Real Estate's extra dimension of client service.