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Stage Your Water's Edge in Eight Steps - And Bring Top Dollar for Your Waterfront Real Estate

1. Stage Docks and Decking

Replace worn or broken boards in docks or shorefront decks. Paint and/or stain the entire waterfront area. Many waterfront buyers are new to the market and may not want to undertake any projects around the water. Many waterfront listings neglect this responsibility; it is an easy way to set your waterfront property apart from the rest.

2. Stage Your Beach

Remove weeds from the sand beach area, rake beach prior to showings, build a small sand castle and have a small child’s toy. Parents and grandparents love to envision their children playing on a nice beach while they are enjoying the waterfront amenities.

3. Stage Your Boathouse

If you are privileged enough to have a boathouse, clean it inside and out. Remove any bird and/or animal waste. Much like the docking systems, a fresh coat of paint will go a long way. If possible, remove oversized boats; a large boat will make the boathouse look smaller.

4. Stage the Waterfront

Strategically place flowerpots on shorefront patios and decks. Set up lawn furniture in a socially inviting manor. Create multiple entertainment areas; each will add value in the waterfront buyer’s mind.  Much like in the dining room, set a table for a BBQ. If possible, have the lawn and/or waterfront area professionally landscaped.

5. Provide Area Information

Many waterfront buyers are looking for second homes. They are often unfamiliar with the lakes or communities in the areas they have targeted for a vacation home. As such, it would be helpful to provide a map of the lake, indicating the location of the property, to assist potential buyers in gaining perspective of the lake and surrounding areas. An aerial photograph of the property gives another perspective to the listing and its immediate surroundings, unseen from the ground; it is most beneficial in proving privacy and when surrounding properties compliment and enhance the value of the subject property. Providing brochures for restaurants and shops reassures buyers as to the existence of local amenities.

6. Maximize the View

Clean windows in the house that face the water, and remove decorations or lamps that may block the view.

7. Gather Existing Permits

Retrieve all permits for work completed on the shorefront for availability to potential buyers.

If you really want to drive up the value…

8. Apply for New Permits

Submit applications for additional permits; perched beaches, permanent docks, covered boat docks, breakwaters, boathouses, etc. It is one thing to say you can have a beach; it is another to have a written permit from the government for a beach. It is a value to be added onto the list price. With each day, additional laws and restrictions regarding the waterfront are enacted. If you are thinking about selling, start this process as soon as possible.

The Good News

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