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Client Services: Candor Pays

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Spencer-Hughes Real Estate, we feel a client should not have to find out the hard way that an agent’s reluctance to be candid is why their property lingers on the market.  What a seller should know must be delivered up front, the same way a good lawyer explains your chances. 

A seller cannot possibly see their home the way a potential buyer does. We understand the human tendency to want to show your home off the way you have lived in it, but that can sometimes narrow the potential.  Our objective is to widen the appeal of your property, not narrow it.

A New Way to Sell Your Lakes Region Home

To address this challenge we have developed an idea that is new to the real estate industry, we developed Client Services.  It has two clear objectives:  get your property sold quickly, and get it sold at the highest possible price.

We contract with talented decorators and inspectors to make sure your property is at its best when we market it.  A decorator will be available to stage your home for that initial “pop.”  A licensed home inspector can perform a pre-inspection to unearth surprise problems before the buyer’s home inspector does.  A few days before closing is not the time to discover something that could have been cleared up weeks earlier.

What our Client Services team does varies widely from home to home and client to client, but their skills are powerful in speeding up the sales process and maximizing the selling price.  A side benefit is stress relief.  Instead of you stressing over how to get the house ready and feeling inadequate to react to difficult buyer’s questions, it’s all done for you, if you wish.

Client Services is no gimmick.  No other agency comes close to what we offer.  Selling a home in this market is an honest partnership. Contact us to learn how Client Services applies to selling your property.