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Renovation and Construction Resources: Who to Trust?

Lakes Region Real Estate Broker John Perrow

By John Perrow, Broker Associate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Spencer-Hughes Real Estate

When it comes to contractors, choosing can be confusing. Trust of contractors is not a big problem in the Lakes Region because there are few large sales-oriented contractors.  Most are honor-bound business people you will meet at the grocery store or post office. However, disputes still occur because of unrealistic expectations. No two projects are ever alike, and the perfect contractor has yet to be born.  

Weather and topography throw in some challenges as well. What makes our area beautiful is that it is rocky, hilly and wet, with a wide range of weather conditions—the very same things that make it difficult to build here.

There is a best contractor and a best contracting process for every project, whether it is a new home, an addition or just some upgrades.  Quite often, “How much?” has to be one of the last questions asked. What comes first is establishing a clear understanding about your expectations of timeliness, quality, budget and then proceeding to establish the contractor’s ability to meet one or all of them.  The bigger the project, the closer this expectation match must be.  Folks who believe their control point is withholding payments do not do well here, if quality and timing mean anything.  

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Finding Value in a Lakes Region Contractor

I suggest you let me look for the best contracting value for you - not necessarily the lowest price. The reason: Tight job specifications of exactly what you expect are expensive to develop, so there is often room for misinterpretation of what the price includes.  Most contractors try hard to deliver their version of Yankee value, but if they walk off the job feeling poorly treated, lawyers are no help in getting the job finished.  

Most folks come to the Lakes Region to alleviate stress, not pile it on. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Spencer-Hughes, we know the strengths and weaknesses of most local contractors.  This information does not guarantee perfection, but it’s a big help, and this service is included in our real estate commitment to our clients.

Prior to my real estate career I had decades of experience selling lumber and building supplies to local contractors. In addition, Bob and Don Hughes have lots of experience in building, remodeling and development.  I’d enjoy the chance to talk with you about your project and get you started on finding the right contractor.

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