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New Mantra for NH Waterfront Property Owners: Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

Clean Water in New Hampshire

Location, location, location is the rule of thumb for much of the national market. However, like politics, real estate is local and here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire we will place a great emphasis on Clarity, clarity, clarity. Waterfront property demands its own level of priorities, and a clean, sandy lake bottom with a pleasant swimming area is often at the top of the list. But, New Hampshire is not known as the Granite State for nothing and so the ideal beach is often a rarity. This does not preclude that most beachfronts cannot be improved by what I label aqua landscaping. The dynamics of each water body should be carefully considered by any buyer: average depth, nutrient recycling capabilities, dissolved oxygen levels, rates of decomposition and water temperature are the primary evaluative tools. Phosphorus is at the root of most beachfront problems; it promotes plant growth and is introduced to a water body by lawn fertilizers, soil erosion, sewage, animal waste and decomposing vegetative matter. Over the past dozen years impressive technical strides in water treatment have led to effective means of improving or eliminating problem beachfront concerns. Ultrasonic procedures, electric powered mechanical weed rollers, chemical additives and tools that agitate the lakebed are being used effectively without any negative effects to the aquatic life. The impact of The New Hampshire Shore Land Protection Act by establishing rules for waterfront property owners has become a valuable piece of legislation for maintaining the quality of the way of life for waterfront owners in The Lakes Region. I encourage you to contact our offices and speak with our knowledgeable realtors prior to making your buying decisions. Jim Ferriman