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New Hampshire Lakes Region Docks - A Teleportation Window

NH Lakes Region Dock - MLS 2778813

As a metaphor it might be a stretch but in actuality this is where the lake experience begins, at the dock. Think of them a transition points, allowing for a natural and gradual introduction from a static familiarity to an ever changing medium. We, at Spencer Hughes, are much attuned to dock pricing on the Big Lake. Because of state legislation the value of lake side properties are greatly affected by any existing, grandfathered dock. Crib docks, boat houses, breakwaters, permanent docks, floating docks and seasonal docks all have a very strong influence on the appraised and assessed value of waterfront properties. A focal point of waterfront property, this is where we all gravitate eventually, for entertainment, curiosity or simply to maintain contact with the lake. Waterfront homes with docks in need of attention have, at times, a worth exceeding their appraised value, though a question can arise of at what point do repairs become new construction and perhaps prohibited. Regardless, any repair, alteration, or new construction concerning a dock may require both local and state and permits. Jim Ferriman 603-267-9866