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Light in Lakes Region Architecture and Goethe's last words

Goethes last words reportedly were: "Light, more light". And boy was he right. Here in the Lakes Region in February, many of us share his plea for more light. In winter, we often find our calls answered in architecture with good southern exposure.

At present there is an abundance of land on the market here in the Lakes Region. From a Realtor's standpoint land sales appear to be the first to suffer and last to recover in a real estate cycle. Opportunities abound, forested land strewn with glacial boulders, mountain slopes offering wonderful views, secluded creeks tumbling down picturesque vales.

Its all right there, in front of us, scroll through the website land listings. All of these fantastic listings awaiting a structure of inspired design to complement the natural landscape. Post and Beam, Adirondack or one that makes the most of light and shadow, privacy and openness. Ive always believed an architects greatest strength is to listen to his client and incorporate their lifestyle into a physical presence. Who was it that said everyone should build at least one house in their lifetime?

GoetheProper orientation to capture sunlight from season to season, large glass panels fronting the outside world, big skylights bathing the interior in warmth, larger living areas, graceful entertaining centers, a grand front entry all do their part to make the most of available natural light.

After all, light consists of particles which are packets of energy. And this energy enhances serotonin production which improves everything. I admire this design and placement of the home of an upper New York state architect, Nancy Copley. For my taste she seems to have the right touch.

Jim Ferriman