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Home Security Technology

tech <p>One of the popular features of the <strong>Spencer Hughes</strong> website are the live video cam shots of Lake Winnipesaukee. Charitably, the out of state second home owner can stay in touch with the seasonal changes of the lakes region or not so nobly, increase their enjoyment of the warmer climes they have since fled to. Nothing like a live computerized view of <strong>Winter Carnival</strong> activities on the frozen surfaces of <strong>Wolfeboro</strong> or <strong>Alton Bay</strong> while boating in the Caribbean. At the same time he can switch to live closed circuit videos of his <strong>New Hampshire</strong> home on his computer or his cell phone. A <strong>Centralized Control System</strong> can activate not only smoke and fire detectors but also monitor water, carbon monoxide, freeze, and intruder sensors. <strong>Appliance Control Systems</strong> activate interior LED lighting systems and television/radio operation that will give the impression that the home is fully occupied. I know one couple who relied on live video to check on babysitters and later when their children arrived home from school to an empty house. Another couple provided for their elderly parents with a movement monitor worn on the wrist. The possible configurations are enormous for the homeowner. Always losing your keys, then <strong>Biometric Locks</strong> may be the solution. Incredibly sensitive <strong>Motion Sensors</strong> and DVR hidden cameras provide a high level of criminal deterrence. I suppose that the biggest improvement in <strong>Home Security</strong> is the fact while options have increased prices have declined. Basic and efficient systems are now affordable for even the seasonal cottage owner, and I recommend them. Jim Ferriman <a href=""></a> 603-267-9866/ 603-52-5385</p>

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