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Meredith Mantled in White

I admire the results of planning and forethought. And every time I tie up at the Meredith town docks, I'm impressed by the effort of the town fathers in creating this quintessential white New England village. Prior to 1830 almost every structure in New England was unpainted. But, at around that period, entrepreneurs began manufacturing paint and distributing it in containers. White paint became the paint of choice because it was easier and cheaper to produce than colored paint. Early promoters shrewdly marketed white as the tint of wealth and thereby increased their profit margin. No matter, it lent itself to the classical appearance of an apparent prosperity of villages then as it does now. The current town fathers of Meredith certainly have taken those lessons to heart. The result is a strikingly beautiful town on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and one that is becoming a worldwide destination resort. The town offers accommodation and dining choices which are among the finest in New England. And access to the wide world is a Gulfstream V away at the Laconia Municipal Airport. The homes along the shoreline on Meredith Neck are some of the most impressive on the lake with wonderful views down the length of Lake Winnipesaukee. Especially in winter, Meredith evokes a memorable experience for all who can spend some time here. Check out, youll see what I mean. Jim Ferriman 603-520-5385