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The Grand Summer has begun

I think that the summer season has begun. Weve had some rain its true, as well as some unseasonable cooler weather for the past month, welcome to New England. At one time New Hampshire was thought of as a place to go to escape the heat and humidity of Massachusetts. Now the Lakes Region has become the much desired summer destination for those folks seeking to escape the drought and searing heat of an area from San Diego to Miami. I can certainly understand their very sensible objective. Having lived in west Texas, New Mexico and Colorado where the summer sun seems to trap everything in a deep dust dry as chalk, photographs of New England were overwhelming. Even those enamored by the skyline of a city as seen through the velvety smog of their high-rise condominium windows develop an irresistible urge to venture out to the frontiers in search of what, change. Perhaps in an effort to balance their lives and or sanity.

At any rate the cabins, motels and campgrounds are full. The influx of happy visitors, they're on vacation, is invigorating to our region. Ill hazard that one out of every three who stay a week or more will make an inquiry as to the local real estate market during their visit. Now, many of our incomers have visited Washington D.C., New York City, Glacier National Park and even Orlando, Florida but I suspect few ever feel the desire to inquire about real estate there. Why is that? Is the Lakes Region that unique? I would say of course, by all means, the primary goal of this blog is to convey this very singular perception.

I've written blogs highlighting the desirability of New Hampshire and the Lakes Region for business incentives, living standards and geographical superiority. But, probably for me the tipper is the sense of unity a family experiences while here. One of our agents, Jeremy Osgood, recently listed a magnificent gated waterfront estate in Moultonborough consisting of 4 permanent residences, 4 seasonal cottages, clay tennis court, gym, studio and 2 boathouses. It is difficult to imagine a family compound in a more graceful setting.

Last weeks analytic report on visits to the Spencer Hughes web site tallied 3,935 from a total of 21 countries. An encouraging figure for a firm whose specialty is the limited area surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee. Our realtors have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Lakes Region. If they dont have a ready answer for your inquiries they know how to research for the solution. Enjoy your visit and we welcome your interest. Jim Ferriman 603-520-5385



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