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The Spencer-Hughes Advantage

There have been a number of recent studies conducted by NNREN, the Northern New England Real Estate Network, and NAR, the National Association of Realtors, of the various methods by which interested buyers initially learn of suitable properties and subsequently contact a real estate agent for information and representation. The conclusions of these reviews determine that the majority of buyers utilize the resources of the Internet to discover, research and compare properties in which they develop interest. Upwards of 85% of all contact originates not with the traditional forms of real estate print marketing but begins with the electronic media.

Over the past few years forward thinking firms have directed a large part of their resources to effectively addressing this fact. Real estate web design has evolved into an expanding and lucrative business for many nascent firms of often just a few talented employees. Competitions among national realty groups for the most user friendly and informative web sites is very real and will only grow. But, problems do surface for major groups as they attempt to tailor design efforts to support their larger corporate objectives.

Recently, Realogy, the parent corporation of Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA and other firms which are numbers based have reported staggering losses in their financial statements. Realogy went through a leveraged buy out late last year of over $6 billion dollars and staying current on their debt load may be presenting problems as their main revenue source fell. Business models dependant upon employing as many agents as possible with commensurate pressures of performance function best in stable and rising markets, something which is has not been present for several years, and do not always serve the clients interest in the best manner. Again, statistics have shown that after 5 years the real estate profession experiences a 95% turnover in personnel. Personally I believe only the barest essentials of any profession can be inculcated in so brief a time and though the major firms have in place training methodology their emphasis is rigid and inflexible.

Bob Hughes has always emphasized teamwork among his realtors and has crafted a strong vision of the future for his firm as we enter the early part of the 21st century. Not a boutique agency, Spencer Hughes nevertheless has a strong presence crafted around the unique market of the lakes region of New Hampshire. Our agents bring knowledge and a coordinated expertise to the interests of our clients. An early proponent of a well-designed web site Spencer Hughes has not rested on past innovations but has continuously sought to improve our marketing efforts to provide the maximum exposure to our clients homes. Many of our individual agents have established their own web presence which enhance the corporate website. Newly created blog communications, such as this one, provide additional information and increase focus upon our firm and the clients we represent. Because our marketing decisions are made independently and without the input from a distant controlling parent corporation we have been able to target the specific needs of the Lakes Region. Spencer Hughes regards as a major asset its ability to offer and implement creative solutions to difficult real estate questions and situations. Without the hobbles of an out of state controlling authority we offer a flexibility and immediacy that larger corporations cannot not compete against.

Each week the firm receives an account of the hits to our web site. The interest is broken down from international queries down to interest by each state. This analytic input gives the firm the ability to monitor outside interest in our product, the exposure to the serious buyers of our clients properties. Check with one of our agents for the most current report of the key indicator of trends and focus on Lake Winnipesaukee. The second home interest in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire is always present and matching that interest to our clients objectives is what we do best. (603) 520-5385