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Sailing on the Big Lake

For some the joy is in the journey. For others it is where the journey can take them. Now I enjoy a day on the big lake by whatever mode of transportation I happen to using. But I have noted that sailing offers additional pleasures over motoring, at least for me. I like the involvement of handling the lines, the feel of the tiller, the positioning of the boat to the wind. That sense of accomplishment of having moved from point A to point B and back using only the natural forces and physics.

There are several sailing organizations operating on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Winnipesaukee Yacht Club dates from 1937 and operates as a private club based in Gilford. The Meredith Bay Sailing Association on Lake Winnipesaukee is a certified community sailing program whose objective is to provide people of Lakes Region sailing opportunities. There are also well established programs at several summer camps along the lake and Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro offers sailing seamanship as part of its curriculum.

I am an avid supporter and member of The Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association. The LWSA runs a sailing school for children from 8 to 16 years of age. Their fleet of over 20 boats supports an active classroom and water program for all interests, abilities and means. Sponsoring adult racing activities for a mixed fleet the association offers a convivial atmosphere before, during and after every event. Serious racers can participate in the J/80 fleet events held weekly through the summer months. The LWSA has the impressive national credentials of being named Fleet 1 of the J/80 class sailboat. This seasons kick off dinner will be held May 14th at the Lyons Den in Glendale. This is a very active and committed group supporting and promoting interest in sailing for all ages and skills. Visit them most any Saturday morning a Fays Boatyard in Gilford and perhaps youll be invited to crew on a boat for the days sail.

Regardless, every boater on Lake Winnipesaukee has many of choices for itineraries: lunch in Meredith, cocktails in Alton Bay, dinner in Wolfeboro, island hopping and sightseeing everywhere. The big lake is the crown jewel of the Lakes Region and provides unique experiences for everyone sampling the lifestyles offered here in New Hampshire. (603) 520-5385


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