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NH Shoreland Services-Real Estate Guide for Buyers and Sellers

The new Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act was set to take effect on April 1st, 2008. The new law was actually in effect for several days until the NH legislature voted to push back the start date to July 1, 2008.In response to the shoreland protection changes, I have compiled the following informationto help guide existing home owners and prospective buyersof waterfront property with dramatic changes that will effect land use within 250ft of the water. The sight is evolving quickly and will likely haveacompletedirectory of companies servicing the shoreland area for the entire state In a nutshell the new lawnow requires a permit and feesto cut trees, construct or modify the land within 250ft of the shoreline at the high water mark.

The shoreland protection act divides the shoreland zone into three areas:

  1. Within 50ft of the reference line/high water mark is called the Waterfront Buffer and Primary Building Setback
  2. Between 50ft and 150ft of the water is called the Natural Woodland buffer
  3. Anything within 250ft of the water is referred to as the shoreland zone

The biggest changes require anyone constructing or modifying their propertyto fill out an applicationandsite planthat ensures the lot meets the states criteria for development. Homeowners can actually fill out the paper work and map outthe plotplan as long asyou stayunder 25% impervious surfaceon the lot. Impervious surface is simply the roof footprint, decks, paveddriveways,packed gravel,or any surface that water cannot be absorbedas a percentage of the total lot area within 250ft of the shoreland. If your going to have more than 25%% impervious the state requires that you have a licensed land surveyor map the site plan as part of the application. Below is a compilation ofshoreland services andresource links and service providers site at . If your looking for a Real estate agent that is familiar with the new law and need some guidance i'm always available to help: