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The Psychological Appeal of Shoreline Properties

For some I am going to commit a heresy. I say it is not the lake itself that we love; rather it is where the lake meets the shore that is the most exciting and appealing to us. After all a body of waters surface presents mostly an expanse of spacious monotony, uniform in its appearance. The shoreline is what involves us in the hidden complexities of the lake and excites our interest in its mysteries. From the stately mansion to the seasonal cottage each owner gains immense pleasure and value through their observance of and sounds associated with the interaction between the lake and its shoreline. Personal discoveries and entertainment possibilities awaken and nourish creativity within us as our horizons expand. As investments, waterfront properties never seem to lose their appeal for buyers. Whether this is a form of a deep sub-conscious vestige of evolutionary origin or simply represents the most convenient place to park ones boat I dont know.

So this being the case I think it might be appropriate to provide an abbreviated discussion of various shoreline ownership options in the Lakes Region.

Within the body of law regarding water rights riparian rights are granted to owners of land along rivers, streams and similar bodies of water. Littoral rights refer to owners of lands bordering navigable lakes, seas and oceans. In either instance owners with these rights enjoy by and large unrestricted use of these waters though these rights cannot be retained by the former owner when the property is sold.

In the Lakes Region water rights fall into the following categories;

First, direct ownership. Where deeded property along the shoreline is passed along to the buyer. The deed discloses the length of shoreline ownership based upon survey descriptions.

Second, ROW (right of way) can be a guarantee of access to and/or deeded dockage on a body of water without actual shoreline ownership

Third, shared ownership of shoreline property is passed through or within an association or partnership.

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