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Considering a Lake Winnipesaukee Island Home?

The Lakes Region comprises hundreds of distinctive lakes and ponds and each would seem to have their own unique characteristics. Lakes Winnipesaukee alone is the host to over 200 hundred islands more than half of which have a home or camp in place. The largest islands, Long and Governor's, are bridged to the mainland and are extensively developed. The majority of the islands are therefore accessible only by boat or after "ice in" by snowmobile.

What is the appeal of a second home that is typically used only 3 to 4 months a year? To me it is a balance of values and of opposites. A special refuge that allows an energizing of the spirit and a sharpening of personal awareness. The reasons that an island home is passed along from one generation to the next may vary but all have a common thread of powerfully shared family memories. Things to be aware when considering an island property include but are by no means limited to; availability and cost of insurance coverage, mainland docking and parking arrangements, higher construction and remodel costs, communication capabilities, power and energy sources, septic and leach field terrain acceptability and more. With the drawbacks there must be some very positive plus points, I'll leave these to your imagination. According to Webster's New World Dictionary the meaning of the word vacation is "a period of freedom from activity; rest; respite." I would also include in this textbook definition "an opportunity for one to become aware of something larger than oneself." Island folk gain this insight every day and the luckier ones carry it with them forever after. (603) 520-5385