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Ready for a Lifestyle Change? A Condo May Be the Right Move.

Condos in New Hampshire

By Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Spencer-Hughes Real Estate

My experience here in the Lakes Region is that lifestyle considerations do not get the attention they deserve. Folks ask many questions about a property, but very few about how their life will change by a particular purchase.  

There was a time in my life that owning a single residence was exactly what I wanted.  The hours invested in home maintenance were considered family time.  That has changed for me so I bought a condo here.  What a great feeling, to trade away many hours of home upkeep for added hours to call my own!  Mother Nature can add some surprising burdens to home upkeep here in the Lakes Region.  My condo association now takes care of all those annual headaches like peeling paint, and does it less expensively. 

Having extra hours to call my own has not caused boredom. Wolfeboro is so rich in cultural and recreational activities that a person has to work at getting bored here.  For example, time spent shoveling snow can be better spent cross-country skiing. During the summer, lake activities and hiking are a lot more fun than lawn maintenance.

Condos in New Hampshire's Lakes Region

However, not every condo is perfect for every buyer. Local knowledge, mixed with your expectations, is imperative in decision making.  Unlike condo associations in Florida and Arizona that are large and professionally managed, Lakes Region condo associations are small and often managed by the collective owners.

That is why local knowledge is paramount.  There can be lots of little quirks in condo regulations that might affect your purchase positively or negatively.  For example, if boat docks are involved, there are at least three ways you might qualify to use them. 

This same variety of regulation applies to single home associations that comprise small numbers of properties who share beach rights, boat slips and other facilities.  The way association rules are structured can make a big difference in the property value and your living enjoyment.

If you are thinking of a condo or buying a home connected to an association, give me call.  When I understand what your expectations are, I will share my experience and research with you.

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