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Antique Boats in New England

Is There an Antique Boat in Your Future?

If you have been to an antique boat show and seen all those graceful woodies lined up, no doubt you thought, “Wow! They sure are beautiful, but it must be a lot of work.  I could never join in.”  Well, maybe you can.

Classics and antiques have been experiencing a major revival over the past 15-20 years.  Why are people buying them?  Financial appreciation is one good reason to own an old boat, but another is riding in one.  It takes many of us back to a time of childhood memories.

How to get involved and how to begin may seem intimidating, but it does not have to be. The Lakes Region is a hotbed of antique boating activity, much of it by newcomers.  There are ways to learn about classics, and how to buy, restore and take care of them.  A great place to start is the New Hampshire Boat Museum, located in Wolfeboro.   Another resource is the New England chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society.   The NECACBS website includes a calendar of local events, as well as lots of pictures.

There are many resources at the national level, as well, but with so many great resources and experienced and knowledgeable boaters in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, we recommend focusing locally—especially if you are new to buying and selling antique boats.

If you have questions about boating in New Hampshire's Lakes Region, feel free to contact the Spencer-Hughes team. We're your local experts!