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The "Invisible Hand" in the Lakes Region

I had a good friend who always seemed to be misplacing things. Out of habit I always replied that as space is truly finite it follows that chances for recovery of the item then must be infinite, always a optimistic view. A handy solipsism perhaps but not at all applicable to waterfront properties here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Why, because of an almost infinite demand for this particular finite resource.MLS# 2829811, New Hampshire Lakes Region Waterfront Property

Last week, 4/12/10 through 4/18/10, our chief search engine, Google, reported that our website received 2,301 visits from 22 separate countries. This total is also broken down by new visitors, 47.85% and the average of 4 minutes 6 seconds per visit. Impressive to be sure and that reflects the broad international interest in what the Lakes Region of New Hampshire has to offer as a second-home haven. Though I have to suspect the sole visit from Fiji was likely a local on vacation and who was checking out the live web cam video of Wolfeboro or Alton Bay. The above figures do serve to underline the strong market interest in Lakes Region properties as well as the accessibility of complete and timely information available to browsers, investors and homesick expatriates on the PSH site. But a leading website is more than just the result of a large amount of invested capital and skillful design. Anyone with the means and commitment can achieve a semblance of success and turn out an attractive product. We strive to surpass this worthy goal by additionally pledging our negotiation skills, time saver methods and efficiency expertise to our clientele. Our teamwork is unmatched. So, where are we? The knowledge and ability to account for that large Invisible Hand of Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek and connecting with it in a way helpful to both the seller and buyer is what we offer at Prudential Spencer Hughes. No more, no less, only better than anyone else. Jim Ferriman 603-267-9866

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    Interesting article. Gave me a bit to think about…