Why Sell Your Home with Prudential?

The Power of Prudential

Home owners wishing to sell their home in the Lakes Region, at the top of the market and in the shortest time period, need the power of Prudential name recognition. Why?  Because most buyers do not come from our local area. That reality is why, ten years ago, Bob Hughes qualified this agency to become a Prudential affiliate. We have thrived since.

Buyers of Lakes Region properties come from half way around the world because of this region’s unique attractiveness. For example, just recently we completed the sale of an expensive waterfront property to a hedge fund manager from London.  



The reason the Prudential name is such a powerful draw is Prudential invests heavily in a large worldwide network of print advertising, TV ads, and web site partnerships. Prudential enjoys unparalleled name recognition in many of the top cities and regions throughout the world.


Local Knowledge, Global Reach

For Lakes Region sellers, it is important to recognize which agency has the widest reach to potential buyers because the competition for buyers is fierce  Your listing under the Prudential umbrella gives you an inside track on finding that one special buyer.

Another reason our website generates so much traffic is that we include so much interesting local information on our site.  When combined with Prudential’s far reaching web strategies, a seller listing their property with Prudential Spencer Hughes enjoys the best of both worlds.

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